Getting to Know You… Getting to Know All About YOOOOUUU…..

I’ve never written a list like this before and never really thought to, until stumbling upon a blog and in 500 short words discovering I had found my soulmate…. Sadly she does not seem to be blogging anymore but go have a look what is there is great reading!

So in no particular order…. 25 Random Facts about me:

  1. I’m currently writing this at work (in the office) and have become a master at looking busy and important when really I am neither
  2. I have an unnatural obsession with sloths and anything sloth related. I one day dream of going to Costa Rica and volunteering at the Sloth rehabilitation center, just so I can hold a sloth…. Sloths
  3. I’ve been to university twice, but am yet to actually finish a degree (Molecular Genetics and Art/ Fashion)
  4. If I was an animal I would be a baby goat or Shetland pony – small, sorta cute, bit annoying with short legs pretty much sums me up.
  5. This year I completed my first half marathon, and still maintain it was physically the hardest thing I have ever done (I may or may not have cried when I saw the finish line)
  6. My love of a holiday destination is largely based on the quality of food the country has
  7. As such the best place I have ever traveled is Vietnam (40% because of the food, 30% scenery, 20% how lovely the people were and 10% how stupidly affordable it was)
  8. I’m allergic to cinnamon, not ‘have to carry and epipen, might die’ allergic, more ‘covered in a rash, scratchy throat, closed over eye’ allergic which is good cause I will destroy a plate of churros with chocolate sauce given the chance
  9. My wardrobe consists of an unusually large amount of striped clothing
  10. I really wanted to visit 30 countries by 30 and was gutted when I feel one short (Clearly still pretty happy/ grateful being able to do as many as I did 29 is a solid effort!)
  11. In 2010 my New Year’s Resolution was to learn Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’ dance – nailed it
  12. If my IPod was ever stolen, the thief would be forgiven thinking that I’m a 70year old woman due to the number of show tunes and old school jazz on it.
  13. The shortest time spent in a job was 6hours – Was advertised as a PR/ Marketing position in London. Turned out to be selling steak knives door to door.
  14. If you tell me you don’t like puppies I will probably think you don’t have a soul
  15. Mustard Yellow is the best colour- EVER
  16. I pretend to like certain foods to look fancy and sophisticated but really I don’t get the obsession *cough* natural oysters *cough* smoked salmon
  17. I am the best air hockey player you will ever meet.
  18. I’ve taken Italian, French, Spanish and (currently) Indonesian classes. My conversational skills however are limited to hello/ goodbye and ordering food. ‘sandwich jambon-fromage s’il vous plait’
  19. Brunch is my favourite time of day early enough to still have breakfast food, late enough that drinking mimosas is socially acceptable.
  20. I hate weddings – there I said it. Eloping was the best thing ever
  21. I LOVE home renovation shows and really wanted to audition for The Block. Until I moved into my new house, realised that it’s WAY harder than it looks and never want to renovate anything again.
  22. The ocean is my happy place. Feel like the best version of myself after a day at the beach.
  23. I swear way too much and around people I shouldn’t. Eg. Calling a co-worker an ‘effing wanker’ in front of a Supervisor
  24. Balloons and putting mail in a post box freak me out, I’m always scared the balloon will pop in my face and that I’ll accidentally drop something into the post box – I am aware how weird and irrational this is
  25. The perfect day would be in Bali, with the fella, involving sunshine, surf, cold beers and a ruby sunset
My Favourite T-Shirt and the BEST Christmas present ever- SLOTHS!!!

My Favourite T-Shirt and the BEST Christmas present ever- SLOTHS!!!


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