What a dangerous combination… but here I am day 3 into an 8 day swing with an audit evidence folder in front of me due in 48hrs while I’m googling maps of the Philippines and Cambodia planning dream trips that I can neither afford or have the time to take at the moment…..


Ahh Asia you temptress, you have stolen my heart. Lured in with cheap flights, beautiful countries, wonderful people and some of the best damn food known to man (and this is coming from a girl that ate her way through Europe for nearly two years)

I miss it, (almost) all of it made worse by the fact that there is no adventure scheduled in the near future.


I miss the excitement of packing the backpack, trying to master the art of rolling clothes v folding to maximize space. Trawling over travel blogs, websites and guides to see what is recommended and by who – I am incapable of arriving to a destination and totally winging it, but refuse to rely solely on my Lonely Planet. My rucksack is looking so sad sitting on top of the wardrobe collecting dust.

The anticipation of the unknown, guessing what will be your favourite place, or if it will all live up to the hype. Wondering how easy/ hard the trip will be or even will you make it to your next destination due to manic bus drivers through Vietnamese mountains, or wondering if your mouth will ever stop burning from eating a whole chilli (again) as it was mistaken for red capsicum

I miss the humid heat and heavy air, fragranced with street food, pineapple and frangipanis (don’t question that is what I always smell!) which hits you every time you walk out a door. The balmy evenings and constant slight sweatiness that seems to stay for the duration of the trip

Pulling up a plastic chair in a stall that would send you running in the Western world ordering the most delicious bowl of noodles/ soup/ stir fry/ kebabs for a quarter of the price of a glass of wine in Perth, washed down with a 5c beer watching the world go by. Constant traffic, honking and hawkers in the cities to carts, cool breezes and farmland in rural areas

Witnessing locals defy physics, gravity and road safety rules by loading up scooters with everything from the whole family to a small fridge (true story), or monks Buddhists, priests, locals giving thanks at temples and leaving offerings.

Being blown away by unimaginable landscapes, losing your shit over local wildlife and marveling at everything from mountains to sunsets, the quiet moments and the busy moments- I miss it all…..

Where is everyone else going? Let me live vicariously through you!


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