Weekday Brunchings

There is something utterly indulgent about brunching/ lunching on a week day.  Being ale to take your time perusing the menu, ordering drinks, taking it all in knowing that you have nowhere else to be is utter bliss.

Watching people run in scoff their lunch and dash out again fills me with a new wave of appreciation that I’m no longer a 9-5er, that appreciation has been replaced with bewilderment (and slight concerns about a possible drinking problem)  a few hours later when the same people walk back in for their after work drinks only then realising that the entire afternoon has disappeared. It’s the closest thing to feeling like you are on a holiday without actually being on a holiday. Add good weather and great company and you have perfection.

So needless to say when friends suggested trying out one of their favourite wineries for lunch, I didn’t need much convincing. With the bearded man in tow and google maps on hand off we road tripped to Kalamunda.

Perth thankfully turned on the weather, one of those uncharacteristically warm winters’ days of open blue skies that beg to have your car windows left open, and let you know that the seasons are a changing.

And temperatures high enough to convince you sandals are a good option

As we ascended higher and higher up the hill, the view became more and more impressing, the smells of city were replaces by scents of eucalyptus, wattle flowers and just a hint of summer. Alternating between popping our ears and selecting which house we would buy – its something that has become quite the tradition every time the CBD is left. Conversations (at  great length) how buying an acreage surrounded by bush is EXACTLY what we should be doing. Being born and bred in Perth, I’m ashamed to say that I had never ventured up the Kalamunda Hills, being completely unaware there was anything up there. Far from a buzzing metropolis Kalamunda has that country town feel and only 40mins from the city.

Around a couple more bends and we came to our destination. So innocuous you would miss it if you weren’t looking – Brookfield Winery, home to a pretty good SB and the best damn lunch deal you will find.


Our friends had got their only seconds before with their baby that makes my ovaries tingle every time I see her *cluck cluck*

Taking our seats alfresco because we could and settled in under the trees. Only a murmur of conversations and sounds of the creek for soundtrack.


THE FOOD, 3 courses $45AUS with a glass of wine- SUPERB. I have a rule that when dining out at all times order something that I would never cook at home.                                                                                                                                 Entree – Panko crusted prawns, cooked perfectly.                                                       MAIN-Twice cooked crispy duck                                                                                           DESSERT-Creme Brulee (my personal favourite)


Too wrapped in the taste to take pictures, we spent time between courses stretched on the grass in the sun  like a pack of well fed lions, another round of wine was ordered                             ‘wine not eh’                                 


And before we knew it the afternoon was slipping away, small children needed sleep, grown ups felt like naps, the sun started dipping behind the trees and it was time to head home

Wandering inside to settle the bill I was greeted with one of the best restaurant settings I have ever seen. Cafe x Cellar Door x Farm Shed, a literal kitsch mismatched delight. Right up my alley


And back down the hill we headed, looking up Kalamunda properties and musing of possible ‘rural-esque’ sea changes all the way back to the burbs





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