Thats the Tooth

This will not be long winded or particularly witty, just a note about the #1 thing that astounds/ confuses me about my current co-workers.

Why- when you are on a 6 figure salary and your employer subsides health insurance are you missing teeth??
How does anyone not prioritise having a full set??

7-08-2015 8-36-45 AM

I’m not even talking about the snaggle ones that live at the back of your mouth and no one really sees, I’m talking your front teeth…
Do they regard falsies only being needed on ‘special occasions’??
Do they like the whistling sound you make when talking due to the gap??
Are they not concerned about not looking out of place chewing hay and rocking on a chair with a shot gun whilst wearing overalls… (bit of a generalisation I know but I’m on a roll..)

There are more people that I care to count that I have difficulties looking at due to their oral health, were they bottle feed coke from a small age??
How does it happen??
Why don’t you feel the need to fix it??
Do you have trouble eating??

The questions that I have been dying to ask for the past 4 years…..


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