The Best Bits (According to Me)

A slight delay mainly due to the fact that I wanted to whittle the list down as to not look like Im sucking up to my company (if they ever happen to stumble across this) and not make it so small that I look like a bit of an ungrateful wanker.

So after some thought here are the BEST bits about being a FIFO (according to me)



I thought I would get the most obvious reason out of the way first. Is it the only reason I’m up here – hells no.

But show me a miner that says money isn’t a major contributing factor and I’ll show you a liar. By industry standards apparently we are the ‘worst’ paid and even during my interview I was told that starting as a trainee not to be discouraged by the salary (which was more than double I was currently earning)

When you do break down the hours we work vs what we get paid it is pretty standard. But we ARE working the hours and that monthly salary is the best I have ever got or am ever likely to get.

It does not buy you happiness but by jaysus it makes things a lot easier, being able to pay all your bills, save money and have $$ left over is a wonderful thing and very easy to see how many people fall into the trap of buying themselves, the car, the boat, the motorbike, the designer clothes etc. etc. Thankfully (or not) I have managed to resist and are currently jet-ski free! However I am the proud owner of my first car with air conditioning (I know I went wiiiiild)

5-02-2015 5-06-20 PM

Yeah look at me go


and I am a mere 6 weeks away from the keys to my very own home

*grown up alert*

 27-01-2015 9-10-32 AM



Undoubtedly the best thing that has come out of the last 3years. Meeting a man when you are outnumbered by them 3 to 1 may seem more inevitable than fate. But meeting ‘the one’ is and has been a whole different thing.

7-05-2014 7-28-24 AM

May or may not be MY bearded man but close!

Every cliché you hear about it is true (for me anyway) and the reason why no other relationship has ever worked is as clear as day.

But as the best sign of a good relationship is no sign of it on social media I’ll leave it at that before you start being sick in a handbag or something.



Its every 2nd week, it’s the golden ticket of FIFO. Nuff said… But what makes it that much better is holidays, you take one week off work and you get 3 weeks off, take 2 weeks off and you have 5 away from work. A lot of travelling can be had in that sort of time frame (and has) more stamps have been added in my passport in one year than previous 5 combined



Having the opportunity to strap on the backpack and see other countries as well as our own has been amazing; being able to afford to do everything whilst doing it is quite literally heaven to me. Air Asia and I are tight!


20120923_150855(0) 20120929_112732




3 years and this place still takes my breath away, the colours the vastness, the isolation of our location, the subtle changes in the seasons to the almost instant changes in the weather.

Sunsets impossibly beautiful they should be painted, and make you sigh awwww


Stark blue skies against a red dirt back drops

Flat expanses of lands with ringed in hills

7-01-2015 3-48-58 PM

Natural caves just begging to be explored

Thunder so continuous that it’s like a lion’s roar.


Storms that come out of no-where blows you off your feet and disappear as quickly as they arrived.


And an almost nightly lightening show during wet season.


Some days ‘Wow’ does not even come close to covering it.


And there are many many other things:

  • The bonuses
  • The fact you can disappear from the ‘real world’ every 2nd week
  • The minimal responsibility (theres someone doing your job when you are away- bonus!)
  • The gym and facilities (treating this as a forced boot camp)


But the above are the bigguns – It’s a pretty awesome life


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