Red Dirt Life

On the 26th September 2011 everything changed, I was officially a miner, no more lab coats and test tubes, no more arts degree I was joining the hordes of yellow and blue at Terminal 3, giving up the 9-5 for red dust, big trucks and High-Vis. I have been a FIFO-er now 3 years 2 months and 6 days, the longest I have ever stayed in one place my entire life, exactly 66 days more than I initially intended, with no plans to leg it any time soon.

Being a nostalgic sort I have been reflecting on what has been the most amazingly life changing 3 years and really wonder where I would be if I didn’t happen to go to that wedding, happen to sit next to the right people and have the right conversation that got me up here.


I feel incredibly grateful to be given the opportunity I have been given, to be living the life that I lead and have achieved all I have achieved up until this point. That’s not to say that it has been all smooth sailing there have been times where normal hours and my own bed every night seemed worth the trade.


Since starting I have been writing little posts, articles, and was lucky enough to have a snippet of them published in the state paper which was quite the thrill finding out my mindless rambles were entertaining to others.

So at the encouragement of the fella in my life I’ve decided to start publishing these articles to give an insight to life as a miner, what it’s really like to be a FIFO through the eyes of someone who never in a million thought they would be here, hopefully debunking myths (perhaps confirming others) and with any luck not losing my job in the process!

Hope you enjoy – please feel free to drop me a line.


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